Hey there, websurfer!

You came across a pretty big nerd over here. Welcome to my retro "shrine", the home of my love for all computers and video games from the 80's to the mid 2000's.

Loving the old, hating the new?

Well, hate is a strong word. I have a distaste for how media is treated today, whether that be microtransactions or half-assed yearly releases. When it comes to looking back at the past, most people perceive it with rose-tinted glasses. Games today costed just as much, if not more, as they did in the 90s. There was no clear-cut price range of $60, games varied in price. It was another form of media that was finding its place in the world.

I am someone that was born in the 2000s, so I really have no reference to how that time period was. All I have are the words from those who experienced it, and the media that came out during that time. I believe that one of the main contributions to my love for retro games is the Wii Virtual Console. When I was younger, I would buy a bunch of older games on the Wii Shop, so I grew up with those generations of games without necessarily being in that generation, which is awesome. Generally speaking, I enjoy games before my time. Most games from then are difficult and rewarding, and that's my cup of tea.

I'm not dissing on modern games. In fact, there are several that I do enjoy, such as Splatoon and Minecraft. These modern games live alongside my obsession for my older favorites, like the Kirby series and SquareSoft JRPGs, to name a few.

I wasn't old enough to experience this time period that I love. I think my obsession for older games comes from the fact that I want to experience that time in some form. I decided to start collecting as a means of trying to get as close to that experience as possible.

I currently do not have my own living space, but when I do, I plan to make a "time-travel" room; a room as if you were living in the 90's to early 2000's period. So far, my current collection of various items and consoles allows me the ability to form such a thing. I just need... the room. Living in the city doesn't help when you are prioritizing space. At the current moment, this will be a dream I will strive for in the far(?) future.

What I Collect

I collect consoles and computers from the 90's, to put it simply. I don't like to pick favorites, but I will say that I mainly prioritize Nintendo out of my whole collection, with the PlayStation being my second favorite. I want to start getting into collecting the Sega consoles soon. I am not huge on Xbox, but I still own those consoles.

At the current rate I'm going, I keep any computer I find, as I enjoy tinkering with them, whether it be the software or hardware side.

What's considered "retro"?

We're getting into dangerous, controversial territory here, be careful where you ask that.

What I would consider retro is any console two generations behind the current generation (which would mean I consider the Wii and DS to be the newest retro consoles, as well as the PS3, XB360, etc).

This is solely my opinion, as retro is subjective and generally means "old", with no defined age. I just like to share my interpretation of the term.